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After years as an inconsiderate boor, security analyst GERALD ETRICS (35) finally drives his wife beyond the limits of her patience. Finding his belongings on the lawn and his keys & credit cards non-functional, his pregnant spouse ELIZABETH (30) gives him an ultimatum – “Change your ways or don’t come back”. Desperate for a place to stay, Gerry calls everyone he knows but nobody wants him. He makes one last call… to his wife’s 80 year old grandmother BARBARA MASON. Having always had a soft spot in her heart, she tells Gerry he can stay with her. He moves in and the next morning we realize Gerry now lives in her retirement home SUNSET.


His lifestyle and that of the “home” do not exactly jibe. He likes beer, fast food and staying up late. After several weeks of the same mundane routine, Gerry appoints himself the new “activities director”. He wires his laptop to the movie screen and starts to bring in sporting events and action films. Instead of bingo he introduces “poker night”, he sells beer and takes bets during Monday Night Football and shows movies like Goodfellas & The Departed replacing The Sound of Music & Wuthering Heights. He teaches classes like, “How to read the racing form”, “Mixology” and “Blackjack”.... soon the residents love having Gerry around. 

Sunset's eastern European manager PAVEL MANSKEWEISCZ (50) thinks differently. He wants to know when Gerry is leaving as he is greatly disrupting the daily flow.... and has him worried about what really happens at the retirement home.


After noticing the frequency of morgue attendant pick-ups, Gerry realizes Sunset’s residents are dying at an accelerated rate. When his new best friend, SAUL ERLICH’s wife ROSE (82) mysteriously dies, Gerry investigates. He witnesses strangers coming & going at all times of night and notices antennas on the roof even though there is no TV or internet. Healthy seniors are passing away in abundance and bank accounts are being emptied. 

After dramatic revelations regarding an international crime ring and, a major plot twist involving Saul’s former career, Gerry & Saul find themselves involved with an oddball team of recruits in a covert, paramilitary action overseas.  

After narrowly escaping the deadly confrontation, Gerry and Saul fly back to the US to help save the residents of Sunset. They have an exciting experience that reignites their love of life.  Gerry and Saul make it back home as the police arrive and Elizabeth, after hearing the story, reunites with Gerry as he has finally become the man they both hoped he could be.  

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